Andrei Prokhorovich
Hi! My name is Andrei Prokhorovich, and this is my personal page. Here you can find the basic info about my activities, experience and even peak a little inside my head, because some interviews reveal me from an unexpected side.

About me
  • CEO Eurasia Development Limited
  • Partner and investor in TechNode Russia
  • Advisor to the Chairman of the Chinese-Russian Innovation Technopark
  • Expert of NTI export accelerator (RVC and PwC)
  • Strategic partner of Dodo Pizza in China
  • Advisor on cooperation with China for Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia
  • Advisor on interaction with the subjects of innovation activity of the CIS for Chinese-Russian Zone of Industrial Development of High and new Technologies
  • Expert and teacher of the Doing Business in Asia Executive MBA program of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) of Russia
  • Speaker at Open Innovation Forum
  • Speaker at Skolkovo StartUp Village
  • Teacher at Island 10-21 of ASI of NTI
  • Speaker for Sberbank University Foreign Economic Activities. New Level
  • Speaker for RVC Investing in Innovation forum
  • Leading expert of the Russian Youth Union (RYU) - Russian-Chinese Youth Business Incubator
  • Invited expert for Shanghai module of Practicum Global Shift of Moscow SKOLKOVO School of Management

My Interviews
«Китайцы боятся России еще больше, чем мы их»
University 2035:
Dialogues about the future. About opportunities for Russian companies to enter the Asian market and communication of technological entrepreneurs with Asia.
Mediametrics Live:
Как построить свой бизнес в Китае?
How foreign tech companies can succeed in China.
Short biography
My main area of expertize is Business in China. With focus on technology transfer!

My experience of working with China began in 2001 with export-import operations. In 2006 I moved to China and reside permanently in Shandong province.
I was born on November 10, 1980 in and grew up in Vladivostok city in Far East of Russia. I've studied international relations of the Asia Pacific countries in FESU (now FEFU) and Shandong University of Business and Technology. I have a diploma from the Institute of Standardization in the field of internal Audit.

I have experience in technology transfer, commercialization of innovations, intellectual property strategy, export-import operations and marketing in China.

My family have been doing business between China and Russia for five generations. The first trade deals with China in the Prokhorovich family were started by my great-great-grandfather in Russian Empire in 1880, my great-grandfather and grandfather also traded with China. In the early 1990s the tradition was continued by my father, and in the 2000s by myself.

In 2012 I founded the company Eurasia Development Limited, which mainly specializes in consulting in the field of innovation and technology transfer between China, Russia and other countries. The company helps foreign high-tech companies and startups to enter the Chinese market, and in order to not play 'one way', we also worked out mechanisms and tools for the entrance of companies from China in the foreign markets.

The company is proud to be a partner and consultant to such organizations as RVC, the Silk Road Association of High and New Technology Zones, Russian-Chinese innovative Technopark, , the Association of Technoparks and Clusters of the Russian Federation, the SCO Business Club, FEFU, DGTU, SUSU, STROGINO Technopark, and many others.

We supported the localization of a number of companies from Russia and CIS countries in the Chinese market, some of them have attracted Chinese investments. We signed a strategically important contract between the Russian national research universities (FEFU, DSTU, SUSU) and technoparks (Sarov, MSU, Strogino, etc.), and Chinese governmental and private organizations. We established joint ventures in China.

In 2015 I became a strategic partner of Dodo Pizza and began to localize this project in China.
RVC: Investments to Innovations 2016
Skolkovo: Startup Village 2019
My articles in the media
How China became a unicorns epicenter.
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How does China startup and investment market operate.
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Hurry? It's not gonna work out in China.
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Contact info
705, No.69, Technology Avenue, Yantai Hi-Tech Zone, Shandong, China.